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Summary: ibox Adelaide is an IT solutions & Services company dedicated to empowering customers. Adi Sela, ibox adelaide’s Technical sales and  relationship manager, is keen to leverage her expertise to increase ibox adelaide’s footprint nationally. 

ibox adelaide is an innovative company, and before you roll your eyes at the most clichéd word in the history of marketing, you might want to hear us out. What do you call a company fixated on growth and continuous improvement? Intent on talking to customers rather than telling them what they need, why they need it, where to get it and when to get it. Don’t forget the catchy song and dance number, that one really seals the deal.

No, we respect our clients far too much for that. Instead we try to do business the old-fashioned way. Supply the demand, not conjure clever marketing gimmicks to create needs and demands that don’t exist. That’s where Adi comes in, ibox adelaide’s relationship manager.

Adi isn’t one of your high pitch sales reps telling you why you need something and how it will ‘fix’ all your problems, she is here to listen to your needs and work with you to create a solution. She believes in building relationships, and partnerships, not just clients or customers. She is a Google certified Analyst and an SEO professional among other things and she hopes that her in-depth knowledge of digital marketing will help solidify ibox adelaide as a go to for all things digital.

Yes Adi, represents ibox adelaide, cutting edge technology that can revolutionise your business with a huge dose of the human element. Yes, we can create a mobile app for that training event you have scheduled for later this year, we can offer you digital services that can maximize your online presence, we can integrate your existing applications to avoid having to enter the same details into different software, we can provide reporting and business intelligence solutions that enable you to unlock the valuable information in your software applications, and even carry out Enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM etc. that can improve the efficiency of your business, but how about we do it over a cup of coffee?

Care for a Cuppa with Adi?




Adi Sela


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E-commerce website Made Simple

Smartphones, tablets and the growing popularity of Social media have fueled an e-commerce industry that was previously seen only as a gamble for the strong and established. Today even small business owners are trading brick and mortar for digital real estate.

As an ibox adelaide client who used ibox adleaide’s services to create an online portal explained quite simply, “It helps me have stores across Australia that works 24/7 without the overheads of investing and purchasing physical stores or hiring staff.”

The ongoing convergence of digital media like Facebook and other community centered networking sites and channels has injected a new dynamism into the e-commerce industry. Digital marketing is not only cheaper than conventional marketing like print and TV advertising its more effective. Thanks to online marketing strategies customer acquisition costs are greatly reduced freeing up capital to invest back into the business.

Simply put e-commerce makes economic sense with even established companies making roughly about 30-40% of their sales via mobile. Mobile apps designed to act as personalized shopping assistants, remembering your favorite items, recommending products based on your selection etc. are making serious money.

So how does an e-commerce website work?

The Bargain Boutique

The Bargain Boutique

Basically you have to create a niche market, acceptable demand and low competition. This is easily achieved if you sell products or services that is unique or patented.

However, even if your business belongs to a highly competitive market e.g. Fashion there are ways to achieve a niche market.

Take for example, it is an e-commerce website created by ibox adelaide. It caters to designer apparel from around the world at a fraction of the price. We needed to create a buzz and promote it in the Australian market, with targeted Facebook campaigns and blog articles today TBB boasts unique visitors of a record-breaking 1000 on a single day. The Facebook page ( has (organic) 4100 likes and counting.

 A lot of attention was put into designing the website, the look and the feel is what convinces the customers to buy while marketing gets the customers to the site.

Today the owners of the site are looking towards leasing out their digital space to retailers who can put up their wares taking advantage of the TBB’s returning customers.

This is also a new concept that is fast gaining traction in the digital world. E-commerce sites that boast good organic traffic are turning themselves into digital malls where customers can browse through different shops. It make perfect sense as shop owners need not invest the time and energy of starting up their own online shop from scratch instead they piggy back on an existing site for a small fee or percentage of their sale.

ibox adelaide making strides in the digital world.

Why do businesses invest in Christmas themes for their website?

It’s no secret that Christmas is one of the top favourite holidays, for Christians and non-Christians alike.  The sound of Christmas carols, fragrance of warm Christmas pies, presents, parties, family get togethers, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and most importantly holidays. Who doesn’t like a little time off?

Humans are visual beings and images tend to trigger memories, a chubby little red Claus gets even an atheist smiling. As a retailer you have to get into the Christmas spirit and offer discounts, freebies and just generally give stuff away! It helps you bond with your customers, adding to their plethora of fond memories.



I can still remember most of the Christmas gifts I have received, not because they are more expensive but just because there was a gorgeous Christmas tree in the background, a yummy eggnog in a cup nearby, a c

d of Christmas carols playing softly in the background and it was a stress free holiday.

Christmas trees, ornaments, flying reindeers all help to advertise your business as a purveyor of the Christmas spirit. It helps to appeal to the emotional quotient of your customers and get them to overspend on goodies for friends and family. Most shoppers tend to save throughout the year so that they have a little extra to indulge and a good discount promoted by non other than the father of Christmas helps clinch the deal.

The team at ibox adelaide in the true spirit of Christmas is offering a Christmas special.

Why do you need a web design company to design your website?

Web design company ibox adelaide

Web design company ibox adelaide

There are a multitude of web studios on the internet offering free website, domain and hosting, so the question on every budget conscious business owner is, why do I need to pay a web design company for what I can get for free?

The fact of the matter is you get what you pay for, a web design company can design a website that stands out from the crowd, is customised to echo the look and feel of your business. The Internet is bursting with competition and you cannot afford to get lost in the multitude of ‘just like every other site’.

A free website builder will offer standard templates with limited options to customise like font, colour, background etc. If you require more customisations there is a charge not to mention the fact that you have to do it yourself. Your time is precious and instead of dabbling with colours, typography and formatting, it is better invested in running your business. A free domain will not be but rather their site and whatever available option for your business name. Free hosting will only be for a minimum storage option, if you have large files and photos, you will have to pay for extra storage space. There won’t be any email ids provided either. This is a great option for a hobby site or a private website to be shared among friends and family but not ideal for businesses.

A web designing company will spend time studying your company, projecting your future growth and will tailor an option that is best suited to your organisation keeping your budget in mind. The website will be unique and will help convey the look and feel that you wish for your customers to experience. Then there is the aspect of digital marketing, which basically translates to letting people know that you exist and what services/products your offer. Many just blindly invest heavily into Google ad words, set up Facebook and twitter accounts without really knowing what to expect. Digital marketing is very different from print advertising and without a working knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) and SMM (social media marketing) it can be very difficult to see a good return of investment.

A good web design company will offer a digital marketing strategy, which will yield tangible and measurable results. The team at ibox adelaide looks very closely at all aspects of digital marketing and ensures that your organisation receives value for money.

Currently ibox adelaide is offering a promotion of a 5-page responsive website for only AUD 999/-

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ibox adelaide

Mobile App Development, Responsive Website, E-commerce Website, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation.

Who are we?

ibox adelaide is an Australian based creative web design company that specialises in mobile applications, mobile & responsive web development, e-commerce websites and digital marketing



Antonia Rapheal

Why do businesses need responsive websites?

responsiveIt is official; PC (desktop computers) sales have dropped with more people investing in tablets, notebooks and smartphones. There is a drastic shift towards mobile usage and while numbers like 30% might not seem a lot; it is unwise for businesses to ignore. With more than 2,500 different devices in the market which translates into more than 232 sizes of screens, a responsive website is the need of the hour.

What is a responsive design?

It is a website that responds to the type of device that is being used, shrinking, expanding and adjusting to fit the screen. One website that fits a multitude of screens!

Why is responsive deign important for your business?

Mobile based shopping is on the rise with people resorting to reading the news, accessing their emails etc. on their mobiles. When you conduct an email campaign and if mobiles or smartphones cannot access your site, chances are your potential customer has trashed your email. With the highly competitive nature of commerce every little advantage is required to stay profitable.

What does that mean to small businesses?

There is no point in investing in a static website, like the floppy disk it’s on its way to becoming out-dated. Many businesses are still wasting precious resources investing/ upgrading static websites. The team at ibox adelaide believes in leveraging technology to further business, which is why they are releasing a new promotion.

Get a 5-page responsive web design for AUD 999/-

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ibox adelaide

Mobile App Development, Responsive Website, E-commerce Website, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation.

Who are we?

ibox adelaide is an Australian based creative web design company that specialises in mobile applications, mobile & responsive web development, e-commerce websites and digital marketing



 Antonia Rapheal

Why do small businesses need a website?

ibox BOX designMany small businesses are still wondering why they need websites; with the current economic downturn this extra spending seems unreasonable.

However, economic downturn is the very reason you should turn to digital marketing. Unless you setup your website, talk about your services/products and promote yourself, no one will know that you exist let alone do business with you. Word of mouth promotion and existing client base cannot drive the kind of sales needed to stay in profit.

How does online marketing help sales?

For starters online promotion doesn’t cost nearly as much as print ads. There is a host of social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, instagram, pinterest etc. that doesn’t cost anything to join and create an account.

Remembering your website address (unless it’s extremely odd) is way easier than remembering your phone number or street address. A website is your online promoter that works round the clock, staff free, 24/7, 365 days a year!

With the ubiquitous penetration of smartphones, mobile friendly sites means customers can access information (location, services, etc.) on their mobiles.

Do you want an online store or just a simple website?

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ibox adelaide

Mobile App Development, Responsive Website, E-commerce Website, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation.

Who are we?

ibox adelaide is an Australian based creative web design company that specialises in mobile applications, mobile & responsive web development, e-commerce websites and digital marketing



Antonia Rapheal

Web development and Content strategy- what’s the relation?


An online presence is an integral part of any business with even pet goldfishes having websites dedicated to them, your business just can’t afford not to have one. Waiting has never been man’s (especially not a woman’s) favourite pastime, instead we loath, dread, and completely resent long queues, be it for traffic, shopping or seeking information. Precisely why the Internet has become such a vital point of our existence, with a 24/7, anywhere in the world at the click-of-a-button flexibility, what’s not to love?

Sites like Wikipedia,, etc. have spawned a whole generation of Internet fuelled geeks, doctors and professors. Google is fast replacing professional advice with more people resorting to the Internet for advice from matters of the heart to medical conditions.

So how does one survive, let alone stand out among the multitude of websites in the information superhighway? To begin with you have to recruit the services of a web development agency or a website development expert/guru/ninja. If it is just a web presence that you want, there are free web templates etc. readily available, however what you need is a web strategy. The whole purpose of any business decision is to render profits, and like every good business venture you need planning and strategy.

A lot of thought and effort is focused on the look and feel of the website which makes sense as it is a digital representation of your organisation. However, as the clue train manifesto so precisely conveyed, the Internet has transformed markets into powerful global conversations. Consumers are so spoilt for choice that unless you can offer a unique value proposition (or simply, added value over and above your product at competitive price) they wont bother to read about your product.

That’s where content strategy comes into place. Your content should clearly outline your value proposition. Why should your prospects buy, hire, trust or even notice your brand/product or company. What can you offer that could improve, solve or eradicate their problem?

Being able to convey relevant benefits to your clients in a non-jargon filled simple text that is concise and to the point is what will set you apart from the competition. Your target demographic consists of real people who respond to clear, honest, gimmick free and compelling content.

Targeted high performing content isn’t born out of luck, it takes meticulous planning. Your target audience needs to be studied, more importantly their needs and wants have to be discovered and not assumed. Only content that addresses your customer’s needs and wants will result in profitable action.

Communication is key, with your customers and within your organisation. Content governance takes into account that information isn’t in silos that cannot be shared; instead steps are taken to coordinate content to reflect the same message and shared for greater benefit.

Content deliverance takes into account the way information is offered for customer consumption; videos, infographics, podcasts, blogs, etc. A well-known digital marketing rule is to produce once but to promote repeatedly.

A good web development company will take all these factors into account when designing your website. After all content is what will determine whether your customers click to read more or to exit your screen.